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Live Silver Price - AUD $26.70 (ozt)

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The Live Price Silver Calculator Just Works

People from all around Australia use our Live Silver Calculator because it works and provides a quick way to estimate what your silver items are worth in just a few clicks. You may be using this calculator simply because you're wishing to find out the value of your precious silver items for an upcoming valuation for insurance purposes, you're thinking about selling your silver as their inherent emotional value is not longer as dear, or simply that you wish to see what your silver is worth out of curiosity.

This website aims to satisfy your general needs regarding the value of your silver items and jewellery by simply knowing your silver's estimated weight and the purity of the item/s. Once you've obtained your estimated weight, you can find the purity of your item generally inscribed on the side of your silver item. Then, it's simply inputing your item's weight and purity value into the silver calculator and then you'll recieve your estimated silver value based on the Live world-wide silver price and in Australian dollars

What's the live silver price?

From Australia's market-leading silver services including Kitco and Yahoo. The current live silver price is $26.70 (ozt) .

How is the price calculated?

By using the provided carat and grams of your silver as well as the current live silver price, the silver calculator multiples the carat silver price by the provided weight. The result is a near accurate value of your silver.

How do I sell my silver?

There are many places that buy silver items including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scrap jewellery.